Legion S1 E05 ‘Chapter 5′ & Pop Culture Multiple Personalities

March 10, 2017

On this episode of Let's Talk Legion, Ryan Snelling and Jaye Williams discuss episode 5, 'Chapter 5,' of LEGION and all of its surprises. Jaye teases Ryan while the show debuted live, punishing him for his inability to watch. Jaye breaks down the most up to date statistics from the TVShow Time app. Ryan and Jaye discuss some of the mind blowing visual aesthetics of the show, while also running through some of the highlights of an action packed, but still somewhat confusing series of events. The question is posed, is David being controlled by someone else? Jaye dives deep into the online community surrounding Legion and offers up some of the craziest and most wild theories and speculation while Ryan reacts. Finally, on the bonus portion of the show, Ryan and Jaye discuss some of their favorite split personality charachters in pop-culture. 

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